A little bit about who I am.


With my start as a writer and video editor – I’ve always seen ideas both visually and verbally. I absolutely love developing a concept, collaborating with designers and making truly great creative.


With over 12 years of experience, I’ve concepted, strategized and written a variety of creative content from minisites to big ideas and every marketing need in between.


I work from Chicago. I love the movement and energy of city living – it keeps my mind open and the new experiences flowing.

Why Not Wanderlust

A travel blog for those times I get to travel.

Impressions that Press on Me

Impressions that Press on Me

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It’s been 7 years, 91 days, 3 hours since I last saw her. She is my love. And no this is not a carnal love, but a love between a young woman and her Florence. She has held my affection since the very first moments she revealed herself to me. Even though she was elusive and […]

My Love My Mexico

My Love My Mexico

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  “There is no remedy for love but to love more” My great-grandfather’s name was Valentino, a small coincidence when we chose the Valentin Imperial Maya resort as our destination wedding locale. This romantic resort lives up to its moniker. It faces the bright blue of the Caribbean Sea and is delicately cut out of […]

The Sun Also Rises in Spain

The Sun Also Rises in Spain

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The sun was rising on the Mediterranean and I took one last picture before it was time to leave Barcelona. I was a bit choked up, but I kept packing knowing that this was not the last time I would see her in all of her bluish-green glory. As I turned to my husband I […]

I collaborate and create, and I do so with purpose and passion. With me you’ll find the perfect blend of quirky creative and professional polish.

Maggie Kent, Art Director

Nic Flaws is one of my favorites — I love working with her at Hyatt hotels. She is an amazing creative and a beautiful writer. Nic is the perfect mix of strategic mind and collaborative spirit. She asks all the right questions and chooses her words with purpose. “Fluff” is not part of her vocabulary. She is passionate, hardworking and funny as hell. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with her for the past few years and highly recommend her and her work.

- Maggie Kent, Art Director
Paul Crossey, Tribune Creative Media

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Nicole at WGN America for nearly two years. And I can say that she is a creative, organized and hardworking producer, editor and writer. She is also fun to work with and there is always a comfort factor in knowing that her execution of any creative concept will meet, and usually beat, expectations and create impact where it matters most – ratings and revenue. Nicole was instrumental in developing exceptionally effective promotions and sponsorship campaigns that built audience share across the board. She also played a key role in rebranding a legacy network into one that continues to grow leaps and bounds in revenue, new programming, and audience share. You can tell Nicole has a passion and drive for what she does, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly for creative endeavors in any medium.

- Paul Crossey, Tribune Creative Media
Alison Kuczwara, Founder/Designer of Tiny Bold Creative

Nichole is the type of coworker that makes you excited to come to work in the morning. As a designer, I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with a copywriter who not only pens the best words for the project, but also visualizes how they might appear. She is both eager to learn more about the design process that brings her words to life, while also willing to pass along her knowledge to help others grow. Nichole’s creativity and enthusiasm for her work combined with a determination to not only meet but exceed client expectations makes her someone I would recommend instantly.

- Alison Kuczwara, Founder/Designer of Tiny Bold Creative